Not everything or act deserves your attention. Some are just distractions meant to delay your progress.

Distractions comes in all kinds of forms when trying to stay focused on a positive goal and solution. I have to remind myself constantly not to lose focus on my goals. So remember to not lose your focus when negative things shows up, often times distractions are a test of your determination to reach your achievements. Pray and remind yourself of what is important. Focus your attention on those things that will take you where you are trying to go, not hinder your progress. And that includes things or people that you cannot change. Focus on what is best!







IMG_1299A flashback of my Buttercups and I ❤️💋

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Hard Work Paying Off

Happy I’m making steady progress finishing up all my classes. It’s been tough doing so around everyone’s schedules, work and all, but soon my graduation day will be here before I know it! I really can’t wait to share that moment with my kids. My Buttercups already told me, “When you go back to your hospital job bring me the fruits you used to bring home” lol. She have such a good memory and I can’t wait to add on more great ones for her and my other 4.



20130907-022322.jpgThanks for stopping by! Yes that’s my “Buttercups” Nyann with me❤
And coming soon a new business venture for me…..aside from my Nursing stuff. God is Good.