Positive Things

Positive thinking helps to keep away negative happenings. A bad attitude is like a flat tire on which you can’t move your life forward. To move forward you have to change your mindset to positive mode.…Anil Sinha

Trying to stay positive in everything that comes my way have kept me moving forward. I’m always trying out new things to keep me and my thoughts on the right path. I do have my bad days but I have so many things going on that keeps me happy and content.

It’s not easy staying positive when you have many obstacles in the way. My advice is to work through them and focus on things you can change and continue to add more positive changes to that.

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Moving Forward ๐ŸŒน

Life is about moving forward, accepting changes in time and people, looking forward to what makes you stronger, better and more complete. 


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10 Ways To Stress Less

This was a good read by J. Johnson. I have been going through a lot of stressful things that is a lot to deal with but what I do to help myself is I pray and meditate. Blogging helps me as well. Staying involved in positive things I enjoy doing. These are different ways that do work for me. 

“Did you know that stress is the leading cause to more than half of the illnesses many of us are plagued with around the world that are life threatening? There are many causes to stressors in our every day lives, and one of the most common places that we stress in is our own work place. 

Especially in times such as these, when many are unsure of their next move, and have to be extra careful about every decision made so that they will continue in good standing with their jobs, the pressures at work seem very substantial. 

So, make it a point to have some points of relaxation throughout the daily grind. If your office allows you to do so, take naps from 20 to 30 minutes at a time, or take a break for a few minutes out of every hour to refresh your brain, and to optimize your brain to better handle stress and pressure”๏ปฟ


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Positive People

If you have positive people around you, you will find yourself surrounded with love and peace, even in situations that are challenging.

I’ve been thankful for the positive people that are in my life and have met along the way. It does makes a difference when we are going through all kinds of situations. I’ve learned things from them. Seen things from a different perspective. Which have helped me to handle certain situations differently.

So embrace and appreciate the positive people in your life. I believe it’s a reason they were put in our life!




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Giving Gifts…

“To your enemy — forgiveness,
To your opponent –.tolerance.
To a friend — your heart.
To a customer — service.
To all men — charity.
To every child — a good example
To yourself — respect”

Giving gifts to ones don’t always come in form of actual bought gifts. Give some things that ones can actually grow from and learn to use in their own life on themselves. Set an example, and don’t forget to give yourself a gift of self respect. God Bless.

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Be True To Yourself….

Being true to yourself is the smartest thing you can ever do. Donโ€™t let the words of others lead you down a road of confusion.



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Creative People….Like Myself

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.

I love creating different things and ways of doing things. I love working on different projects and being creative in my ideas and thoughts of how I put everything together.

Use yourself and your resources to help with your creativity. There is always a new way of doing things or getting them done.





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Making Time…

โ€œIn truth, people can generally make time for what they choose to do; it is not really the time but the will that is lackingโ€

People will make time for what and who they want to spend time on or with, even if it’s an important thing they are missing out on. Priorities need to be in place. Work on making time to get things done. Motivate yourself.



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Before Judging Someone…

Think before you talk. Everyone has secrets they don’t wanna share. Everyone has a past that no one heard about. Everyone has a talent that people don’t notice. Everyone has a story left untold. So never start judging someone, thinking like you know them. Because the truth is… You probably don’t!



No one is perfect and I have learned not to be so quick to judge anyone without getting to know them first and to keep in mind that people can change. How many of you have judge someone and had the chance to get to know them and learn different about them?

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If you’re sad because you didn’t get what you wanted or wished for. Just think of this, there are people who are happier with less than what you have. Look at the bright side and be grateful for what you have instead.


Are You Grateful For The Positive Things In Your Life?
I am…Stay Focused and Thanks For Stopping By. Have A Great Day!