Not everything or act deserves your attention. Some are just distractions meant to delay your progress.

Distractions comes in all kinds of forms when trying to stay focused on a positive goal and solution. I have to remind myself constantly not to lose focus on my goals. So remember to not lose your focus when negative things shows up, often times distractions are a test of your determination to reach your achievements. Pray and remind yourself of what is important. Focus your attention on those things that will take you where you are trying to go, not hinder your progress. And that includes things or people that you cannot change. Focus on what is best!







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Overcoming Obstacles

The more obstacles you overcome, the stronger you become. Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, you get stronger and more resilient.

Face your obstacles and get through them. It may seem hard but it can be done. I have had a lot come my way and am still working through some. I just know that I’m moving forward and continuing no matter how difficult it has been or seems. So know that if you are going through some thing or things you are not alone. Stay Strong and be encouraged to go on!

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