There’s always a Positive Side πŸ’‹

LIFE is not about having all that you want, it’s about appreciating things that you have.
FAILURE means you’ve tried,
Getting HURT means you have loved.
And SURVIVING means you’ve learned.
In every NEGATIVE situation there’s always a POSITIVE side.





IMG_0194I’ve been busy studying for Pharmacy state boards, while getting back into the groove of college work ( Spring Semester) and transitioning to Newer Things for my family. It hasn’t been a smooth ride, but things are coming together! πŸ’‹

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Hard Work Paying Off

Happy I’m making steady progress finishing up all my classes. It’s been tough doing so around everyone’s schedules, work and all, but soon my graduation day will be here before I know it! I really can’t wait to share that moment with my kids. My Buttercups already told me, “When you go back to your hospital job bring me the fruits you used to bring home” lol. She have such a good memory and I can’t wait to add on more great ones for her and my other 4.



20130907-022322.jpgThanks for stopping by! Yes that’s my “Buttercups” Nyann with me❀
And coming soon a new business venture for me…..aside from my Nursing stuff. God is Good.