Enjoy The Good…

You cant be happy if you are waiting for more good things to come your way, but if you find and enjoy the good in whatever that comes your way, you’ll definitely achieve happiness.





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Getting Ready!

I’m still getting ready for my family’s wedding. I wanted to share my dress story with you all. This is the dress I originally was going to wear in the wedding.


It’s a Vera Wang from David’s Bridal, not in this color but Champagne and the sash would have been changed to purple. Well David’s Bridal didn’t have my size or color available and it wouldn’t be shipped in time.

So I decided to go check out Windsor Fashions. I told the sales lady that I needed a wedding dress in color Champagne.  She brought me several dresses to try on. After a lot of trying on, I decided on this one.


When I went to the register, she rung up the dress and told me it was on sale. So I thought great cause I was bummed about my original dress and really just needed to find one at this point. She said you won’t believe how much the dress cost now! I looked cause the original price was $120. The dress was on sale for $10!!!! The shoes I tried on with dress was on sale too from $39 to $13, so I purchased them too (not to wear in wedding) along with a shawl and accessories for a grand total of $43 and some change. This made my day!

So I shared photo of my dress  with bride to be and we both agreed that the dress was too short in the front. I went to JoAnn’s and purchased some chiffon fabric and dropped my dress off to be tailored at Wedding Tailor. I will share that in another post of what my dress looks like now. I’m very pleased with how it came out.



Enjoy your “Start of the Weekend” Happy Friday!!! Also sharing new music from J Lyric! Check him out! Thanks for stopping by ❀💋

J Lyric – A Day In The Life pt 1 http://youtu.be/rcJvO7soCS8

{Video} J Lyric (@JASONLYRIC) Exclusive interview w/ Mighty Muzik http://youtu.be/P92qKEcgQmI

Beautiful Things…

The soul can see beautiful things, feel beautiful things, touch beautiful things, even when beautiful things aren’t tangible.

God created some beautiful things for us all to enjoy in many ways. Enjoy your start of the weekend. Be Safe and God Bless❀




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