Having Confidence in yourself 

Your self-esteem and emotional strength depends solely on your manner of thinking and how you see things around you. Keeping a positive disposition with the help of your feel-good list is a simple but effective way of boosting your confidence in yourself…. 

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend! I’m working on some new things and goals to have completed by the end of this year! This year flew by quickly. It’s already holiday time, which I’m preparing for that also. 

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Feelings and emotions are unstable. And should never be the reason for your decisions and choices that you make. It cannot be trusted, and should never be the grounds which you base your moral integrity on. If you allow your feelings and emotions to dictate your life, they will always mislead and be the master of you. Instead trust your intuition; that little bell we so often ignore. Learn how to tap into it. It’s the the silver lining behind the dark fog and clouds that our feelings and emotions presents.




We are all faced with making moral decisions every day. There is always a test that comes our way. Having self respect goes a long way. No I’m not perfect as I have had my struggles with making the right decisions and being considerate of how my actions would affect other people in my life. I always pray and thank God for discernment. That is what has helped me.

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Never Assume

Never assume you know someone completely unless you have traveled the journey of their heart. Smiles, tears, love, and fears are not always seen in the actions or eyes of the one you look at through your own eyes….Tammi Post



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