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NHCouture is very happy to have the beautiful Tye Sanders contributing her love for cooking and writing! She is a very talented writer and a woman of many trades, like myself. I’m very happy to have her join me. Welcome Diva💋

✨✨Tye M. Sanders✨✨
🌟Food & Lifestyle Blog Bio🌟

As the classic Gen X’er: I seek fun and meaningful work/projects, value the ability to set my own hours, and thrive with a flexible schedule (work-from home). None of these traits mean that I’m out of touch; I know what it’s like to juggle a family and seek to fulfill personal goals.

Although I’ve only attended food handling courses, I have been a family cook since I was a tender 7 years old (31 years as a home cook). Since my family was poor, I made creative and tasty meals out of what I could find in the pantry for my younger siblings. When the ingredients list grew, so did my desire to cook a variety of meals.

I’d watch Julia Child prepare magnificent meals on the television before I ran out the door to school. I also found joy in watching the television cooking segments on the news. I knew then, that cooking would be a huge interest in my life.

Born in California and raised in Texas as an Army Brat, my roots are deeply instilled in the military lifestyle. I learned to quickly adapt to new environments and share life experiences with many people from various backgrounds. My experience as a military dependent had a lasting impression on me that help me to give great recipes and advice to others based on past experiences or friends’ experiences.

I married my 1st true love when I was a young 21 year old woman. Already having a son as a teenager made me mature faster and learn how to be a thrifty, supportive, and creative wife and mother at a young age.

My natural progression for a career was supporting the Army somehow. I started on a project at AT&T with the Paralyzed Veterans of America, and then acquired a wonderful job as a Commercial Sponsorship, Advertising, & Grants Manager (civilian DoD) in Kentucky.

When my first husband deployed to Bosnia, then Iraq, I juggled my growing family stateside with the help of friends. It was during that time, I began to journal and experiment with food as a therapeutic stress reliever.

The aftermath of the war in Iraq contributed heavily to the divorce of my 1st marriage, but my journaling and meal creations stayed with me. While working on base in Kentucky, I met my second husband, who fully supported and appreciated my approaches to stress relief; he supports my efforts till this day.

I know that mistakes in both cooking and life experiences help us fine tune our craft as people and/or home cooks. I hope to bring you many useful recipes that are family friendly and provide you with a few bits of advice that worked for me and my loved ones in the past.

Even though I still have life struggles (Crohn’s disease, IBD, lactose intolerant children, husband with high blood pressure) they only present a challenge that I’m happy to tackle.

For those of you who need a mood pick-me-up or a few quick and yummy recipes….this is for you!



Looking forward to good foods, laughs ,advice, and positive healthy living. Thanks for stopping by.❤️💋

My New Stuff

I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday weekend. Spent time with friends and family. Wedding for family turned out fantastic! I cooked dinner on Monday, had some family time with all 5 of my children. Well my oldest is grown now and is on her own, so it’s always great to have my mini basketball team in the same place. (Lol)

So I am about to share my beauty products and of course my purchase from Nordstrom’s mascara maddness sale! They do this twice a year and I make it to both of them.

Mascaras: DiorShow Black Out, MAC Extreme False Lashes, MAC Studio Fix


MAC “PrimRose”

MAC “True Love’s Kiss”

MAC “Pink Pigeon” and Lipglass “Pure Silliness”

Body Butters in “Baby Baby” “Mango” “Applelicious”

Have a Great Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by❤️💋

Memories….Happy Memorial Day!!!


Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.  ~From the television show The Wonder Years

My night began with me marinating food to put on the grill in the morning. I plan to have a fun filled day with my kids. We went to the grocery store earlier today. I had last minute stuff to buy. I love holiday time. It’s a time to make more memories with my kiddos. I get real festive around the house. I turn my music on and began cooking really early in the morning. They all wake up to the smell of my food. My little helpers Buttercups and Princess will hurry shower and dress to come help me! Well I need to get some rest. But I want to Salute all of you men and women that have served and protected our country. God Bless and Have a Safe Fun Memorial Day! Peace!





Mac Cosmetics (Make-Over)
Temperature Rising Collection
Perfume: Gucci Guilty
Accessories: Bebe2b

Enjoy Your Memorial Day Weekend……Happy Friday!

I have some fun stuff planned for my family and I. We will hit several places this weekend. First one is for my girls and I are going to a MAC Cosmetics event tomorrow morning. I’m excited about that and will have pictures to share on that event! You all have a Great start of a Holiday weekend! On my way to grocery store!


Mac Cosmetics:
Blush: Melba
Bronzer: Give me Sun
Lipstick: Up the Amp
Mascara: False Lashes
Perfume: Body by Burberry