Getting Ready For The Holidays ⛄️❄️

I have been multitasking since finishing my program at CSUDH and getting ready for the holidays. I been shopping, going to brunches, football night dinner, spending time with visiting family and friends. I also got together with my siblings in remembrance of our dad. I hope all of my readers are enjoying family, friends many more blessings into the New Years. Here is some photos of what I did so far since Christmas up to now….






































Happy Holidays Everyone!!!🎅🎄⛄️❄️
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My holiday weekend started off well! Monday after I passed my exam that was the start of my vacation from class. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday between appointments and work getting prepared for cooking and shopping with my family. We were able to get caught up on some movies and tv shows.

Thanksgiving day I was up early cooking with my holiday music blasting. We spent the day home relaxing, eating good food. I’m grateful to be able to enjoy the holidays with my kids and family.


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Holiday Blues⛄️🌲

This weekend was a busy one for me. Taking care of school things and also preparing for the holidays. My kids are on vacation this week, so I plan to do some fun stuff with them as well. Holiday time is sometimes hard for me, as I miss doing things with my mom and also this will be our first Thanksgiving and Christmas without my dad. I miss both of my parents. So I decided to make it as festive as possible for my family.

I’m cooking as I do every year, and we will do some shopping over the weekend. My sons want to go shopping on Black Friday. They already have their items picked out. I took them one year before and they were excited about all the good deals and bargains on the video games and electronics. My dad even went shopping with us that year and gave them their own money to spend as they please. My sons been set on going every year now. I just look forward to spending time with them and creating more family memories with them!



I received my free beauty box from Julep! I did manicures with my daughters!

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Blackened Tilapia

Low-Fuss, Low-Cal
1,2,3 Blackened Tilapia
A delicious and healthy main course is as easy as 1,2,3.
Simply pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees and follow the easy prep steps:
1)2 filets of tilapia (about 3.5 to 4 ounces each)
2)Blackened Seasoning (any variety)
3)Calorie-free Thousand Island Dressing

1)Smear 2 tbsps. Thousand Island dressing on a foil-lined cookie sheet
2)Place thawed tilapia on top of dressing and sprinkle liberally with Blackened Seasoning
3)Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes

Serve with a green salad or rice. Enjoy!

IMG_0955.JPGHappy Friday Everyone, enjoy your weekend!!

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Cooking And Healthy Living With Tye!

Tye M. Sanders
Food & Lifestyle Blog Bio

As the classic Gen X’er: I seek fun and meaningful work/projects, value the ability to set my own hours, and thrive with a flexible schedule (work-from home). None of these traits mean that I’m out of touch; I know what it’s like to juggle a family and seek to fulfill personal goals.

Although I’ve only attended food handling courses, I have been a family cook since I was a tender 7 years old (31 years as a home cook). Since my family was poor, I made creative and tasty meals out of what I could find in the pantry for my younger siblings. When the ingredients list grew, so did my desire to cook a variety of meals.

I’d watch Julia Child prepare magnificent meals on the television before I ran out the door to school. I also found joy in watching the television cooking segments on the news. I knew then, that cooking would be a huge interest in my life.

Born in California and raised in Texas as an Army Brat, my roots are deeply instilled in the military lifestyle. I learned to quickly adapt to new environments and share life experiences with many people from various backgrounds. My experience as a military dependent had a lasting impression on me that help me to give great recipes and advice to others based on past experiences or friends’ experiences.

I married my 1st true love when I was a young 21 year old woman. Already having a son as a teenager made me mature faster and learn how to be a thrifty, supportive, and creative wife and mother at a young age.

My natural progression for a career was supporting the Army somehow. I started on a project at AT&T with the Paralyzed Veterans of America, and then acquired a wonderful job as a Commercial Sponsorship, Advertising, & Grants Manager (civilian DoD) in Kentucky.

When my first husband deployed to Bosnia, then Iraq, I juggled my growing family stateside with the help of friends. It was during that time, I began to journal and experiment with food as a therapeutic stress reliever.

The aftermath of the war in Iraq contributed heavily to the divorce of my 1st marriage, but my journaling and meal creations stayed with me. While working on base in Kentucky, I met my second husband, who fully supported and appreciated my approaches to stress relief; he supports my efforts till this day.

I know that mistakes in both cooking and life experiences help us fine tune our craft as people and/or home cooks. I hope to bring you many useful recipes that are family friendly and provide you with a few bits of advice that worked for me and my loved ones in the past.

Even though I still have life struggles (Crohn’s disease, IBD, lactose intolerant children, husband with high blood pressure) they only present a challenge that I’m happy to tackle.

For those of you who need a mood pick-me-up or a few quick and yummy recipes….this is for you!

💖The Recipe: Ayanna’s Fast & Easy Cheesy Enchiladas💖


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