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I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday weekend. Spent time with friends and family. Wedding for family turned out fantastic! I cooked dinner on Monday, had some family time with all 5 of my children. Well my oldest is grown now and is on her own, so it’s always great to have my mini basketball team in the same place. (Lol)

So I am about to share my beauty products and of course my purchase from Nordstrom’s mascara maddness sale! They do this twice a year and I make it to both of them.

Mascaras: DiorShow Black Out, MAC Extreme False Lashes, MAC Studio Fix


MAC “PrimRose”

MAC “True Love’s Kiss”

MAC “Pink Pigeon” and Lipglass “Pure Silliness”

Body Butters in “Baby Baby” “Mango” “Applelicious”

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Prove Haters Wrong….

There will be haters, there will be doubters, there will be non-believers, and then there will be you, proving them wrong.

When you are on the right path and things are going good and you are focused and moving forward, there will be someone or ones that have negative things to say, or try to sabotage what you have going, because they are either unhappy with themselves and or miserable with their own life. I say pay them no mind and keep your focus on you and your goals ahead. No one have time to worry or focus on haters. Let them hate and keep doing you!

Good luck with all your endeavors, goals, and accomplishments. Stay focused and get things done.






Mac Cosmetics: Lipstick” Tangerine Dream”
Blush: Nars ” Orgasm”
Mascara: Christian Dior”Β  Dior BlackOut”

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Make The Best Choice….

Letting words get to you won’t get you anywhere. If someone’s giving you a hard time or ruining your self-esteem walk away. It may not be easy, but again it isn’t for anyone. Make the best choice, make the healthy choice.


Always do what’s best for you. Keep moving forward. Thanks for stopping by, Enjoy your day❀💋

MAC Cosmetic: Lipglass in “Soft Serenade”
Blush: Peaches
Mascara: By Christian Dior: DiorShow Black Out