Basketball & Family Life with Richard Chaney

I had the pleasure of interviewing Puerto Rico basketball star Richard Chaney. He is a very charming and down to earth guy. I met Richard a long while ago during summer traveling team ball, while he and my cousin Gabe Pruitt played together. My family and I spent a lot of time at those tourneys. He comes from a great family. Glad I had the pleasure of meeting them also.

NHCouture: Hi Rich!

Richard: Hi Nikki!

NHCouture: I’m going to include my memories of meeting you and don’t let me find another old pic lol

Richard: Lol ok you can post old pics.

NHCouture: What Traveling teams and High schools did you played for? What years if you remember?

Richard: Can’t remember the years, but traveling teams are Amer-I-can, La Paladins, and Pump n Run

High schools
Compton high
Lynwood high
Verbum Dei

NHCouture: What colleges did you attend?

Richard: I went to Utah for for first 3 years. I transferred to troy and finish 2 years there. That is where I got my BA

NHCouture: What did you major in?

Richard: I got my degree in social science and a minor in health.

NHCouture: What teams are you on now and What teams have you played for overseas?

Richard: Now I am on the Puerto Rico traveling team. But before I was in Austria. The countries I played in was Turkey, German (2 years) Belgium and Puerto Rico.

NHCouture: Where did you meet your beautiful wife and by the way your kids are adorable!

Richard:Thank you! I met my wife in school at the university of Utah 2002.
We been together for 10 years. I enjoy family life. Gives me something to come home too. I love my kids. They keep me motivated to keep pushing thru hard times.

NHCouture: Thanks for taking time out for me Richard! I appreciate that. Congratulations on your win last night and qualifying for the World Games. Bring home the Gold!!!!!
























His beautiful wife Lindsey! His children are the handsome Malachi and Pretty Layla.

Richard and Dad!
Richard Chaney is on facebook at /richard.chaney.9

Hot Mom of 5!!!! And Proud of it!

“There’s a lot more to being a woman than being a mother, but there’s a hell a lot more to being a mother than most people suspect”  Roseanne Barr

Yes I Said HOT!!! Well let me begin, I am mom to 3 girls ages 18,11,7 and 2 boys ages 14,16. So as you can see I have just about all of the adolescent stages….lol. Well I’m out of the infant and toddler stages for now. I love my big family although it is not easy. My sons play sports. My oldest dude O plays basketball. My young one Tarie (T-Nice 25) plays football.They are doing well in school also. My rule is if grades aren’t good then NO SPORTS!

Now my girls…Mommy’s Divas are doing a lot of things as well. They are doing some modeling. My oldest (we call her B) is working and graduating high school this year. We had a tough time with her, but by the grace of God, she is back on track. My Princess Allyssa is in special ed. for Speech and Language. My princess is very well organized, neat, and knows sign language. Which we use around the house and out if needed. Her speech has drastically improved being she receives excellent education from the staff at her school. She is kind, sweet and always helps me around the house. My Princess is has taught me that although she have a disability, she is going to be fine. I treat all of my kids the same and Princess knows this. In my house my kids are taught to look after each other.

Now my baby girl…My Buttercups Nyann! My Buttercups is very gifted and smart. She is in 2nd grade but during testing in 1st grade her test results put her the end of 2nd grade. She has a funny sense of humor (like me :)) Yes I am funny as well. But my Buttercups say things and we will be wherever laughing out loud at her! At school she is very popular and sometimes the teacher let her be teacher in class. She have a way of motivating and talking to her peers that make them listen to her. Her teacher always have great things to say about her. Around the house we call her “Boss Lady”. Her people skills even works with our family.

As far as me…Hot mom! Well I have a full plate for myself between college, work, and sporting events, their school stuff, church, this list could go on and on. I haven’t begun to tell you how I manage and schedule doctors, dentist, and orthodontist appointments. That is another blog topic…lol. Which I will be touching on soon. But you know I really give all my Thanks to God. Ones close to me know I have been through a lot period. He is who keeps me going and give me strength to do all I have and am doing. Thank You all for stopping by to check me out! Peace