Focus on what you want

Everyday I have been doing things to reach my goal. What has been hard for me is to not take on too many different things and projects at once. Yes I multitask, and eventually gets everything done, but after having anxiety and stress kick in.

So now I take the time to write things out and plan them, so that I can not lose my focus on getting the most important things done first. This also helps me to remember those details that I might miss in between. I deal with my stress and anxiety by journaling and writing. Life can get busy for us and we forget to focus on ourselves also. So take time to slow down at times. Take some time out for yourself and avoid stressful situations as much as you can….Listening to:


Mental Health Awareness

My mom suffered from some form of depression and anxiety attacks. She was schizophrenic and I watched her as a child raise me and my brothers while trying to cope and deal with her own struggles. She still was an excellent mother to us, although there were times I seen her breaking down crying and scared to drive her car.

Now as an adult sometimes I go through my periods of depression and anxiety. But I don’t take any medications like my mom, I get my Bible and I read. I also have my positive hobbies and things I love doing that helps me. My kids also keeps me motivated and helps me stay focused. I try to stay away from anyone or persons that has helped to trigger some of my depression and anxiety. Going through life can be rough but we have to work hard to keep our minds healthy. I know I do. There were things I had to help my mom with when I was younger and also as a teen. I constantly used to remind her that things would be ok. We would be alright. And before she passed, it was like she waited to hear that from me before she took her last breath. I had let her know that the kids and I would be ok. That the family would be ok. She could go be with God.

Those of you that are out there going through things just know you are not alone. Even if it seem like it in your mind. Prayers going up for you.




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