The Best Shoes For Nurses

I love these nursing shoes by Dansko! Taking care of my feet is a must and I have to wear the most comfortable shoes, standing on my feet for hours. These shoes by Dansko are popular in the nursing/ medical profession.

We know a lot of nurses who go to Wal-Mart to look for a cheap pair of white shoes to bring to work. We understand that you might think that regular shoes can do the job of nurse shoes when it comes to standing and walking all day. However, more than 10 hours of working at the hospital can definitely kill your feet at the end of your shift. More than that, working on your feet without the aid of proper nurse shoes can cause a lot of problems in the long run: varicose veins, back problems, heart problems etc.

The Dansko Professional clogs feature an anti-fatigue rocker bottom to give you the stability and support needed for standing all day. Dansko is also known for creating a roomy toe box that allows movement and circulation in your toes.

In terms of foot health, Dansko shoes for nurses proved to be beneficial. They carry the APMA seal of acceptance, which means that they are recognized by the American Podiatric Association to place significant value in the areas of daily foot care and regular professional treatment. If you ask us, the seal can tell you a lot about the Dansko Pro XP, but we do encourage you to check them out for yourself.

Because these shoes are slip-resistant, you can count on them when you are walking fast on a wet concrete or tiled floor. The waterproof construction of these shoes also helps protect your feet against any accidental spills and liquids found in the hospital floor. Due to its slip resistant feature, these shoes are one of the best shoes for chefs and food industry as well.

In terms of arch support, these shoes are nothing short of it. The ample arch support coupled with the soft cushioning gives the stability, comfort and support needed even while you are just standing.

Now when asked about durability, some people raised concerns that their Dansko XP shoes started tearing or cracking up after a month of use. For most of us, this is a deal-breaker since these shoes do cost a lot than others. When we looked into it, we realized that an improperly sized shoe will usually crack after continuous wear because it will be too tight. The Dansko XP Shoes for nurses is meant to be a bit loose at the heels, so your heel will move a little up and down (don’t worry, it won’t cause any blisters).

The easiest way for you to find the right size for your Dansko Pro XP is to go to an actual store that carries these shoes. Some people we know had their foot sized at Nordstrom. It is advised to have your foot size taken at the end of the workday or your shift when your feet are a bit swollen. This way, you will get the most realistic size for your feet. If you haven’t been able to take your foot size, you can actually order a few pairs at Amazon just for size and style comparison. They offer free shipping/returns on most shoes.

The Dansko Pro XP Clogs have a classic look that makes them versatile to wear in various occasions. They are available in many colors and styles so if you want to wear them outside of work, you may. We know a lot of people who do! These shoes are so comfortable for walking or standing that we can’t actually blame them. There are white shoes available for student nurses for their clinicals.

Perhaps, this is the biggest concern when it comes to these nurse shoes. When the benefits in terms of comfort, foot health and protection are concerned, the price of these shoes is just a small price to pay. Come to think of it, these shoes can help solve various foot problems, back pain, uneasiness, swollen muscles and other concerns you may have during your shift. It can help you become more productive at work and feel better at the end of the day. By correcting foot problems now, you can save more money for treatments later. So is it worth the extra dollars? Definitely YES!

Is the Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog worth the extra dollars spent buying it? The Dansko Pro XP may be more expensive compared to Dansko Professional clogs, but the extra price comes with a handful of benefits, mostly in the areas of comfort and reliability.