My Interview with Jason Lyric

I am a Music Lover of all kinds of music. I met Jason the Rap/ Hip Hop artist, who is from Louisiana some time ago, and am excited to have gotten the chance to interview him and he sent me some links of his latest work.

The Making of #FitForAKing 2.0 @JASONLYRIC & @DJYABOYEARL

Nhcouture: Hey Jay! How are you?

Mr. JasonLyric: Hey Nikki! I’m Good.

Nhcouture: What age did you begin writing and rapping?

Mr. JasonLyric: 13, I didn’t take it serious until I was 19

Nhcouture: Tell me about your Mixed Cd’s and Artists you have worked with.

Mr. JasonLyric: I have done 6 or 7 mixed cd’s. In 2005 Unsigned Hype, 05/06 God’s Plan, 07/08 Only For The Real, I have a single out on ITunes called The Big Break with C-Murder, 2012 The Whole Truth, 2013 Fit For A King, 2014 Fit For A King 2.0.

Mr. JasonLyric: Artists I worked with are C-Murder, Young Scrap ( LA Interscope), Mr. Marcelo ( Jetlife), Ceto, DAUboys ( New Orleans), Lucci Lou and Magnolia Chop ( Young Money Artists), ImyaboyBigD (ATL), Master P, Too Short

Jason Lyric & Dee Low performing their new single #ImBlessed Live!

Nhcouture: Wow you stay busy! I took the time to listen to some of your many videos and songs. And I am sharing a couple of them here.

Mr. JasonLyric: Yes I have some projects that I am working on. Thank You, glad you enjoyed!

Nhcouture: Who are some of your favorite artists and, what are things you like about them?

Mr. JasonLyric: Tupac~ he had everything, he was charismatic, smart, and intelligent. Everything was believable when he rapped, he made you feel his pain and struggles.
Drake~ He let’s you see how vulnerable he is. He is not afraid to share his sensitive side and I listen to a lot of his music.

Nhcouture: What are some things you do to chill and relax?

Mr. JasonLyric: Boxing, Spending time with my daughter. I live a real simple life.

Nhcouture: Thank You so much for taking out some time to do this interview with me. I appreciate your time!

Mr. JasonLyric: You’re Welcome and Thanks for having me on.




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