Life definitely have it’s ups and downs that makes us lose our focus. Distractions can take us away from what’s important at times. We have to remind ourselves to stay focused on our priorities. Don’t let distractions keep you from achieving your full potential. Take time our for your goals and yourself. Self love is important also❤️

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Christmas Shopping List!

Christmas Shopping List!

ModCloth Autumn Layered Fashion Challenge

ModCloth reached out to me and invited me to participate with other chosen bloggers to show our personal layering styles for everyone. This is my first fashion challenge and I love this time of the year to be able to layer with my favorite cardigans and coats.

Fall is here! Fall Fashion brings out the wool coats, knee high boots, flurry jackets, sweaters, hats, hoodies, even stylish umbrellas for the rainy weather!

I’m sharing some of my favorite things that I like to layer with to create different looks for the cooler weather. My style is more conservative and also casual. I go with the darker palettes like the reds, browns, blues color tones. My absolute favorites are sweaters.

When layering your clothes find a layered look that will compliment your curves, and will create an illusion of a more proportional silhouette. I always start with a basic solid top which on here I picked a red shirt and also a white one to wear underneath my cardigans. Next would be my coat or jacket. I went with three cardigans. My favorite looks are the soft knit and different color patterns like the brown/black one from ModCloth. Followed by adding a scarf. ( which have always been one of my favorite accessories, especially since my surgery on my neck.) Last add your other accessories like watch, bracelets, necklace, etc. Here are my looks and fashion picks!

ModCloth.com: Myrtlewood Rustic Cardigan $50, scarf $30, Follow the Cedar Brown Boots, Long Sleeve Double Breasted You can say chat again coat

Be sure to visit http://www.modcloth.com/shop/cardigans they offer a wide variety of selections in clothing, accessories and shoes! Thanks for stopping by and Thanks to ModCloth
✨✨ The link is listed here below for you all to shop and see all of ModCloth selections✨✨

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Style And Shoe Fashion For Men…

My brother been wearing these shoes by http://www.camper.com. The brand is from Bernard Willhelm Trainers and Camper. They are different and stylish.






They reflect in light and glow. My brother wore them with Sweats by Cotton Citizens. He purchased the Sweats by Cotten Citizens from Fred Segal in Santa Monica, Ca.

I hope your Sunday has been a Blessed one. Wishing my mom a Happy Birthday in Heaven. RIP Mom, Love you and Missing you but you are Always in my heart.❤️💋

**Coming Soon NHCOUTURE By Nikki Boutique**
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Dedicated to my mom❤️💗

Style Watch!

My brother Boots is a very stylish guy. He is always up on the latest trends and styles. His style is unique. I spotted his latest kicks and I wanted to share with you all.




I was telling him these shoes reminded me of the old school Reebok sneakers. He told me they came from Camper.com. So I checked out their website and they have a good selection of shoes. The ones my bro Boots have on here are called Bernhard Willhelm Trainers. They are Dope! Boots jeans were by Hudson. I will be doing segments on my brother’s closet. Both of my younger brother’s are very stylish. So look out for that! And also coming soon **NHCOUTURE By Nikki!** I’m working on some things so I look forward to presenting my boutique soon. Thanks for stopping by!❤💋

**Also don’t forget to check out Camper.com **

Getting Ready!

I’m still getting ready for my family’s wedding. I wanted to share my dress story with you all. This is the dress I originally was going to wear in the wedding.


It’s a Vera Wang from David’s Bridal, not in this color but Champagne and the sash would have been changed to purple. Well David’s Bridal didn’t have my size or color available and it wouldn’t be shipped in time.

So I decided to go check out Windsor Fashions. I told the sales lady that I needed a wedding dress in color Champagne.  She brought me several dresses to try on. After a lot of trying on, I decided on this one.


When I went to the register, she rung up the dress and told me it was on sale. So I thought great cause I was bummed about my original dress and really just needed to find one at this point. She said you won’t believe how much the dress cost now! I looked cause the original price was $120. The dress was on sale for $10!!!! The shoes I tried on with dress was on sale too from $39 to $13, so I purchased them too (not to wear in wedding) along with a shawl and accessories for a grand total of $43 and some change. This made my day!

So I shared photo of my dress  with bride to be and we both agreed that the dress was too short in the front. I went to JoAnn’s and purchased some chiffon fabric and dropped my dress off to be tailored at Wedding Tailor. I will share that in another post of what my dress looks like now. I’m very pleased with how it came out.



Enjoy your “Start of the Weekend” Happy Friday!!! Also sharing new music from J Lyric! Check him out! Thanks for stopping by ❤💋

J Lyric – A Day In The Life pt 1 http://youtu.be/rcJvO7soCS8

{Video} J Lyric (@JASONLYRIC) Exclusive interview w/ Mighty Muzik http://youtu.be/P92qKEcgQmI

Fashion Eyewear Alert: Featuring Warby Parker New Summer Collection 2014!!!!

While reading one of my favorite Fashion magazines, People Stylewatch, I spotted some fabulous sunglasses by Warby Parker. I actually wear glasses, so I love fashionable eyeglasses  and sunglasses.  When I finished reading, I went to check my emails and to my surprise there was a message sent to me from Mr. Magida! He told me they love my blog and asked me if I would like to help them advertise their new Summer Collection. Well you all know my answer was YES!

Warby Parker ‘s new Summer Collection features 9 new shapes and 4 new colors. The best thing is they offer their Frames at a reasonable price of $95 with prescription. For people that have to wear glasses and prefer to over contacts, this is such a blessing to our pockets.  I absolutely love rocking my eyeglasses and shades! I’m loving all the cool summer colors and shapes to fit different face shapes. My personal favorites are the eyeglass Upton in a Sea Smoke Tortoise and sunglass Haskell in Burnt Lemon Tortoise, which I plan to order soon. Here are their fabulous New Summer Collection 2014!

       Warby Parker gives back to the   community. Every pair of glasses sold they give 1 pair away through their Do Good Program. They offer a Home try-on program. They were featured on MSN.com, NYTimes.com, fast company.com.

You can read more about this on their website at Warbyparker.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ Warby Parker
Instagram: @Warbyparker
Don’t forget to like them on Facebook!

I would like to send a Shout Out to Warby Parker for this opportunity! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your day and God Bless❤ 💋

Meeting New People, Making Friendships!

There’s always a good lesson in meeting new people, its enlarging your circle of friends. And though there are times you don’t match with their likes, there are some whom you just blend well.

I Love meeting new people. Recently that happened, and we are all enjoying fun conversations about music, make-up, college, and all kinds of topics! I’m all excited cause any chance to have “Girl Time” is appreciated by me. I’m happy to have gotten the chance to be introduced to woman that share similar likes in Fashion, Clothes, Make- Up, career goals, our children all of that stuff and more. With that being said, looking forward to it Divas!!!





Mac Cosmetic: Lipstick ” Posh Tone”
Blush: Nars”  Orgasm”
Mascara: DiorShow BlackOut
Accessories:  Hat from Windsor Fashions
Parfum: Dolce and Gabbana “Dolce”

Have a Blessed Sunday! Thanks for stopping by. God Bless❤💋

Fun In Fashion…

There are still places to go, there are still dinners, there are still parties, and you can still get dressed up. That’s part of having fun in fashion.

I have some events coming up and went dress shopping for my very good friend who is family’s upcoming wedding! I am in her wedding and very excited for her and hubby to be! I’m sharing some of the dresses I tried on and other things.

Mac Cosmetics Spring Collection!







Love these shoes from Payless! I wore to a Party. Very Stylish!

Trying on dresses at David’s Bridal for my friend’s wedding!






I didn’t put a picture of the dress that I picked for the wedding. I will share at a later time! Thanks for stopping by. God Bless.

Spring Photo Shoot At Swagg Boutique!

Last year around this time, I got together with my sis Leslie to do a photo shoot at my friend Luther Waul’s store, Swagg Boutique in Gardena, Ca. Swagg Boutique is stocked with the popular styles and accessories! We had so much fun doing the shoot here, and Luther and his assistance Chevy helped us pick our outfits and accessories. 20140307-065128.jpg20140307-065143.jpg20140307-065157.jpg20140307-065220.jpg20140307-065250.jpg20140307-065338.jpg20140307-065401.jpg20140307-065423.jpg20140307-065444.jpg20140307-065504.jpg20140307-065522.jpg20140307-065554.jpg20140307-065624.jpg20140307-065654.jpg20140307-065713.jpg20140307-065740.jpg20140307-065809.jpg20140307-065817.jpg20140307-065829.jpg20140307-065904.jpg20140307-065925.jpg20140307-065939.jpg20140307-065953.jpg20140307-070004.jpg20140307-070016.jpg20140307-070023.jpg20140307-070039.jpg20140307-070058.jpg20140307-070113.jpg20140307-070122.jpg20140307-070141.jpg20140307-070149.jpg20140307-070159.jpg20140307-070228.jpg20140307-070241.jpg
My Princess Allyssa came to help me and Auntie ❤️20140307-070445.jpg20140307-070458.jpg
My Buttercups came to help me and Auntie! Our little camera Girl! ❤️20140307-070718.jpg20140307-070738.jpg20140307-070826.jpg
“Selfie Time”20140307-071112.jpg20140307-071149.jpg20140307-071208.jpg
Ms. Chevy helping me with my wardrobe!20140307-071352.jpg20140307-071428.jpg20140307-071439.jpg20140307-071512.jpg20140307-071531.jpg20140307-071605.jpg20140307-071639.jpg20140307-071702.jpg20140307-071717.jpg20140307-071729.jpg20140307-071742.jpg20140307-071753.jpg20140307-071926.jpg20140307-072002.jpg20140307-072040.jpg20140307-072108.jpg20140307-072118.jpg20140307-072139.jpg20140307-072215.jpg20140307-072241.jpg20140307-072309.jpg




Buttercups checking her work!

Funny Moments! Smile Beautiful!







































I would like to Thank Mr. Wauls for having us! It was a lot of fun. Thanks to my little ones Buttercups ( Nyann) and Princess Allyssa for helping auntie and I! We love you two❤️ Special Thanks to my sis Leslie❤️💗 for taking some time to come out and join me. Make sure you check her out at http://Fashiondujourdaily.wordpress.com

Mac Cosmetics: Lipsticks in “Ruby Woo” “Candy Yum-Yum” “Fresh Brew” “Asian Flower”
Blush: Melba
Foundation: NC45
Mascara: False Lashes
Perfume: Chanel No 5
Accessories: Provided by Swagg Boutique
Shoes: Justfab.com, Payless, and Swagg Boutique also other stores
Clothes were provided by Swagg Boutique

Visit Swagg Boutique at:
13967 Van Ness Ave.
Gardena, Ca 90247
Instagram: @Swagg_Boutique

Thanks for Stopping By! Have a Happy Friday and a Great start of the weekend!!! ❤️💋