Rocking My PonyTail….Rock Yours

I decided to try a different look for this week, so I bought a synthetic ponytail! I love rocking ponytails in different ways. The one I’m wearing today is long with curls, and a mixed color blonde one, which goes good with my skin color and eyes.

Hair extensions, falls, fake ponytails and fake buns are a way of changing your hairstyle on a daily basis without resorting to extreme cuts. Use a fall to wear hair long one day and wear a fake ponytail the next. Hair extension pieces are made with either real or synthetic hair, both of which have their own pros and cons. Synthetic hair pieces, for example, can look fake while real hair pieces require much more intense maintenance and tend not to last as long. Use drawstring fake ponytails for a simple yet sophisticated look.

Know your colors!

When it comes to using synthetic in any form, you want to make sure it comes as close to your natural hair color as possible. But if you want to try something different then go for it!

Not too tight!

Before you put in your new ponytail, your hair should be slicked back in its own ponytail, wrapping the ends in a bun. Make sure it’s tight enough to hold all of your hair but not so tight you get a headache! To help keep your hair in place, I recommend using a light gel (like Isoplus Conditioning Hair Gel). Also remember that your hair doesn’t have to be all back. Having your bangs as is can be a nice option!

Application basics

Clip-in ponytails, are rather simple, requiring you to just attach it to your hair with a claw clip. A drawstring however, requires a little more work. The top and bottom combs of the drawstring attach the top and bottom of your real hair ponytail The drawstring is then and pulled until the ponytail is secure. To make sure that no one sees that drawstring, pin it up under your ponytail with a clip or bobby pin. You can also use pins to give the ponytail extra hold.

Pony Maintenance

After wearing your ponytail for the day, it’s a good idea to let it air out overnight. In the morning you can wrap it up in the same netting it came in and either store it back in the package or use a gallon zip lock bag. A ponytail can get frizzy over time, so you can brush it, comb it and tame fly-aways with a little gel or oil sheen.

Another Tip: Remember wearing ponytails for over long periods can cause damage to your hair such as potential hair loss. And of course, wash and properly condition your hair.

Who said ponytails have to be boring? Borrow a few simple hair ideas from the runway and red carpet and glam up that tail tonight! Have a wonderful day…




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Lipstick: New Fall Collection “Feed The Senses”
Blush: Peaches
Mascara: Extreme False Lashes
Perfume: Chanel No. 5
Victoria Secrets: Strawberries and Champagne