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  1. Dear Servant of God, Greetings in the precious name of the Mighty God . I am glad to get your contacts as i was searching through your website in your ministry.I am Pastor Pius, we started our church with 10 people but through our hard task which we have done of spreading the Gospel to many, it has touched many hearts and changed the souls of many.Through our faithful deeds this has influenced many people and they have come to share together the word of God. Through this the number is growing day by day and now we are many in number.Since our church is young we don\\\’t have enough teaching resources to enable us spread the Gospel a.We have members who are poor in spirit and who need to know more about the word of God, but unfortunately we don’t have even Bibles for references.Our Church being inspired by God it consists also more of the widows ,orphans,disabled and the destitute who need much prayer. Our Kind request is that since we are independent young Christian church we unite with your ministry/church to work together so as you lead us and assist us with your teachings which will be a great blessings to me and the church at large. We trust and believe that through God all we demand will be possible . Please may you pray for these orphans and widows whom we are with in our church who need much support so that they meet their daily basic needs. We pray that God may give you strength and good health as we hope to hear much from you soon. Thanks and be abundantly blessed in Jesus name. Amen!
    Yours in Christ Pastor Pius

    • Hello Pastor Pius. I am not a Pastor of any church. I do attend church with my family. Where is your church located, so I can refer you and your church to someone who may can help?

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