There is something GOOD in Everyday! πŸŒΈ

Hi! I have been away from here for a little while busy with school work and a lot of things, but I wanted to get caught up here. I have a lot of new things to share. Today is a good read by J.Johnson that I’m sharing with you today. I hope you enjoy!

In order to make the best out of things we have to be willing to fight for our best life in each day. We must be willing to give ourselves the best chance at greatness possible, and this can only be done if our vices have a minimal effect on our lives. There will always be things in our life that need to be conquered, as no one is perfect, but we should never let these things conquer us because if they do, you will not be the best you can be. 

We must also be willing to keep as much peace with the people around us as possible. Not only should we keep peace, but a lot of times we will have to be an example of how a person is really strong because they never let anyone take their peace from them. 

Doing these things on a continuous basis will help to make us the best people that we may possibly become by our life’s end.    


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Enjoy your Sunday! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

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8 thoughts on “There is something GOOD in Everyday! πŸŒΈ

  1. “Keeping as much peace as possible with people around you”…seems to be the story of my life too many times in recent month but sometimes there are good reasons, and good will come out of it. I am a firm believer in the old saying “pick your battles”.

    • Yes we definitely do have to pick our battles. Sometimes it’s best to not say anything and remain peaceful. There were times I couldn’t do this. ( in my younger years) But hey we are all a work in progress!

  2. Hey Nikki, great blog and message.. something that i have struggled with because keeping the peace does not always feel good at the end of the day. Thanks for the share and good luck with everything!

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