Goals Accomplished!

I thank God for my strength because I’m always on the move to get things done no matter what my situation is. I’m so close to accomplishing some goals I set for myself by the end of this year! I’m proud of myself because I finally took out some time to get some much needed things done that I didn’t make time for. But you take a step and watch God make two more for you! This week I have a busy week with exam and finals, and once I’m officially done I will share.

With the new year coming up don’t just set goals and make new year resolutions, actually act on them continually and make them happen for yourself. Make those words count and have meaning by your actions!



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Thanks for stopping by!❤️💋


6 thoughts on “Goals Accomplished!

  1. You are truely an Inspiration girl.
    It is so good to see and hear your story , all the God work you are doing just speaking about your own Life. Testify!
    When Praises go up…
    I’ll be Praying for and with you.

  2. Well i just made a post about how i think its rarely possible to accomplish a resolution. It seems otherwise, thats truely inspirational. Check my blog and maybe you can tell me how i can folllow your steps 🙂

    • I actually completed 2 of my resolutions. Thank You. We have to put forth our own effort with determination and that makes anything possible. I will check your blog out and I sure will let you know 😀

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