Bag Lady!

I love to carry big purses. My problem is I always put too much stuff in them. I was sitting cleaning my purse out over the weekend, and when I emptied everything out my sis was looking and laughing.

I had switched purses and didn’t have time to take out stuff that was still in it from the last time I used it. But I carry too much stuff anyways, and I am going to eliminate a lot of things I put in them. So I threw out the old receipts and anything else that was trash. Took all the stuff I didn’t need in there out. Now my purse is so much lighter when I carry it. Here is checklist on what should be in your purse.

__Wallet/ Coin Purse
What Should be in Every Girl’s Wallet/ Coin Purse?
ID/Driver’s License
Always Some Cash (minimum $5.00 emergency cash)
2 Credit Cards (No More than 2, leave the rest at home)
Checkbook optional
Grocery Store Club Cards
Membership Cards (gym, library, etc)
Frequent Purchase Cards (ex. buy 10 get one free cards)
Carry as few keys on your ring as possible. Carry only the ones you need (should be just your house, office, car, and mailbox) and put the rest on a separate key ring and leave at home. This will make your bag lighter but also will help protect you if you were to loose your keys.
It is a good idea to carry a key to a friend’s or family member’s house (some place you could go in an emergency) with you.
Keychain Light of some kind (flashlight, led). These lights have so many uses and every woman should have one on her key ring. Ideal for looking for something in your purse or car at night. They also can help you see your keyhole when going home, it is great for security.
__Cell Phone
__Lipstick and Mirror
If toting more makeup than a lipstick, for after gym or night out later, items should be tucked in/ contained in a cosmetic bag, then put in your purse- NOT just thrown in loosely.
__Two Aspirin/ Tylenol
__Prescription Meds (at least 3 days worth)
__Band-Aids/ Blister Bandages (for those days you break in your new shoes, or get a minor cut)
__Feminine Hygiene Products
__Travel Size Mouthwash/ Breath Mints/ Gum
__Pen and Tablet
__Reading Glasses optional
__Mace/ Pepper Spray
__Snack/ Energy Bar
__Nail File and Glue optional
__Travel Size Hand Lotion
__Travel Size Body Spray/ Perfume
We suggest: cream perfume because it won’t leak
__Organizer/ Palm Pilot
__I pod/ mp3 player optional
If you carry a Med-Large handbag, this is really the LIMIT for what should be in your purse.

20140625-080709-29229012.jpg**Coming Soon NHCOUTURE By Nikki Boutique**
Thanks for stopping by! God Bless❤️💋

Tip: If you have multiple handbags that you switch between, try leaving some basic essentials (emergency cash, feminine hygiene products, a pen, gum, aspirin, etc.) in each of your bags to make switching purses faster.


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