Style And Shoe Fashion For Men…

My brother been wearing these shoes by The brand is from Bernard Willhelm Trainers and Camper. They are different and stylish.






They reflect in light and glow. My brother wore them with Sweats by Cotton Citizens. He purchased the Sweats by Cotten Citizens from Fred Segal in Santa Monica, Ca.

I hope your Sunday has been a Blessed one. Wishing my mom a Happy Birthday in Heaven. RIP Mom, Love you and Missing you but you are Always in my heart.โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’‹

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Warby Parker Reaches 1 Million Pair Milestone!!

I received great news from Brian Magida! I’m so happy they choose to let me help them to launch their summer line. I wanted to share what he sent me.

Hey Nikki,

Hope all is well and you are having a great start to your summer! I have some really exciting news that I wanted to share with you. With your help, weโ€™ve distributed one million pairs of glasses to people in need.

We started Warby Parker with the goal of launching a business that would be a positive force in the world โ€“ a company that could solve problems rather than generate them. One million is a huge number, and we are so thankful for all of your support and for our customers for making it happen. But one million is only a drop in the bucket: there are still 700 million people worldwide who donโ€™t have access to glasses. With each day that passes weโ€™re working together to make a dent in this number.

Hereโ€™s to the next milestone.



Brian Magida


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Thanks again for considering me Mr. Magida! I appreciate the opportunity.

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Bag Lady!

I love to carry big purses. My problem is I always put too much stuff in them. I was sitting cleaning my purse out over the weekend, and when I emptied everything out my sis was looking and laughing.

I had switched purses and didn’t have time to take out stuff that was still in it from the last time I used it. But I carry too much stuff anyways, and I am going to eliminate a lot of things I put in them. So I threw out the old receipts and anything else that was trash. Took all the stuff I didn’t need in there out. Now my purse is so much lighter when I carry it. Here is checklist on what should be in your purse.

__Wallet/ Coin Purse
What Should be in Every Girl’s Wallet/ Coin Purse?
ID/Driver’s License
Always Some Cash (minimum $5.00 emergency cash)
2 Credit Cards (No More than 2, leave the rest at home)
Checkbook optional
Grocery Store Club Cards
Membership Cards (gym, library, etc)
Frequent Purchase Cards (ex. buy 10 get one free cards)
Carry as few keys on your ring as possible. Carry only the ones you need (should be just your house, office, car, and mailbox) and put the rest on a separate key ring and leave at home. This will make your bag lighter but also will help protect you if you were to loose your keys.
It is a good idea to carry a key to a friend’s or family member’s house (some place you could go in an emergency) with you.
Keychain Light of some kind (flashlight, led). These lights have so many uses and every woman should have one on her key ring. Ideal for looking for something in your purse or car at night. They also can help you see your keyhole when going home, it is great for security.
__Cell Phone
__Lipstick and Mirror
If toting more makeup than a lipstick, for after gym or night out later, items should be tucked in/ contained in a cosmetic bag, then put in your purse- NOT just thrown in loosely.
__Two Aspirin/ Tylenol
__Prescription Meds (at least 3 days worth)
__Band-Aids/ Blister Bandages (for those days you break in your new shoes, or get a minor cut)
__Feminine Hygiene Products
__Travel Size Mouthwash/ Breath Mints/ Gum
__Pen and Tablet
__Reading Glasses optional
__Mace/ Pepper Spray
__Snack/ Energy Bar
__Nail File and Glue optional
__Travel Size Hand Lotion
__Travel Size Body Spray/ Perfume
We suggest: cream perfume because it won’t leak
__Organizer/ Palm Pilot
__I pod/ mp3 player optional
If you carry a Med-Large handbag, this is really the LIMIT for what should be in your purse.

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Tip: If you have multiple handbags that you switch between, try leaving some basic essentials (emergency cash, feminine hygiene products, a pen, gum, aspirin, etc.) in each of your bags to make switching purses faster.

Birthday Celebrations For My Daughters!!

This weekend kicked off my daughters back to back Birthdays! My oldest and youngest birthdays are a day apart. These two are will definitely share their days together as adults and really have fun with it! Their birthdays are June 22 and June 23 and their dad is June 25. I have so many June birthdays in my family. My niece and mom also have a birthday in June.




Happy Birthday To My Buttercups and B!!! Love You Two soooo much!! More Celebrating soon! Yes we are definitely getting Cake and Ice Cream Wasted!!!
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Father’s Day Weekend Fun!!

The kids and I enjoyed a beautiful BBQ given by the men of COR (Christ Our Redeemer). The picnic was at Laguna Nigel Regional Park. The park is beautiful with a Lake, creeks, play areas for the kids. Ducks and Geese out with their young and walking around.

The kids played games and races. I went walking with them and snapping pictures. My kiddos knew I would be taking pictures, and a lot of them, lol. Here is some of the fun we had!










































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Comfort Zone…

Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.





Don’t be afraid to try new things! Step out of your comfort zone and go for it! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your Father’s Day Weekend!
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Featuring music by One of my Favorite Actress and Singer Vanessa Williamsโค๏ธ


โ€œTo sit patiently with a yearning that has not yet been fulfilled, and to trust that, that fulfillment will come, is quite possibly one of the most powerful “magic skills” that human beings are capable of. It has been noted by almost every ancient wisdom tradition.โ€

Last night at Woman’s Bible Study our lesson was about a persistent humble and faithful woman that went to God to have her daughter healed. This woman stayed persistent and even though she was belittled, she kept her mind Christlike and because of her humbleness her daughter was healed by God.

In our life there are times when ones piss us off and do things to us, and trust it’s hard not to want to return the same actions back to them. In doing so we can miss our Blessings. God wants us to remain humble and christlike. In other words don’t allow anyone to block our blessings by stooping to their negative behavior or actions.

If the woman had of went off on God when she was called a dog, her daughter might not have gotten healed. Her actions might have changed her whole course in life for her and daughter. When I was sitting in Women’s Bible study, I was thinking wow this lesson I really needed to hear. Remember God knows our hearts and minds. He knows if our actions match up with our hearts. Stay humble and remember your blessings. God’s love is through our hearts.

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Style Watch!

My brother Boots is a very stylish guy. He is always up on the latest trends and styles. His style is unique. I spotted his latest kicks and I wanted to share with you all.




I was telling him these shoes reminded me of the old school Reebok sneakers. He told me they came from So I checked out their website and they have a good selection of shoes. The ones my bro Boots have on here are called Bernhard Willhelm Trainers. They are Dope! Boots jeans were by Hudson. I will be doing segments on my brother’s closet. Both of my younger brother’s are very stylish. So look out for that! And also coming soon **NHCOUTURE By Nikki!** I’m working on some things so I look forward to presenting my boutique soon. Thanks for stopping by!โค💋

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