Wedding Story

The wedding turned out beautiful. My Sunday started out with me going early in the morning to have my make up done at Clinique by Chyan.  She did an excellent job. I also found some products that I plan to try from them.

Since I didn’t get to go to church as usual, I listened to it in on 102.3 KJLH (radio) in car while driving.  I made it back to my brother’s to eat breakfast, get ready and make sure I left with everything that I would need at the wedding venue.




“My Hair was put up in a ponytail with pin curls at the top.”



“Starting my make up at Clinique! ” And Yes these are my own natural eyelashes. They are very long.




I was running short on time. But here is my make up done. I wore my Mac Cosmetics Nude lipstick to complete my look. My accessories were a gift to me from bride Monique. The necklace, earrings, and bracelet really complimented my dress.

Thanks for stopping by. Shout out to Chyan from Clinique!! I will be writing about the wedding and sharing photos of everything soon. Happy Memorial Day! “A Day of Remembrance” God Bless❤ 💋


2 thoughts on “Wedding Story

  1. Hey, wow, look at you! Great to see how it all came together! Everything looks and goes so great together accessories and all. Had to be a great fun wedding.

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