Fashion Eyewear Alert: Featuring Warby Parker New Summer Collection 2014!!!!

While reading one of my favorite Fashion magazines, People Stylewatch, I spotted some fabulous sunglasses by Warby Parker. I actually wear glasses, so I love fashionable eyeglasses  and sunglasses.  When I finished reading, I went to check my emails and to my surprise there was a message sent to me from Mr. Magida! He told me they love my blog and asked me if I would like to help them advertise their new Summer Collection. Well you all know my answer was YES!

Warby Parker ‘s new Summer Collection features 9 new shapes and 4 new colors. The best thing is they offer their Frames at a reasonable price of $95 with prescription. For people that have to wear glasses and prefer to over contacts, this is such a blessing to our pockets.  I absolutely love rocking my eyeglasses and shades! I’m loving all the cool summer colors and shapes to fit different face shapes. My personal favorites are the eyeglass Upton in a Sea Smoke Tortoise and sunglass Haskell in Burnt Lemon Tortoise, which I plan to order soon. Here are their fabulous New Summer Collection 2014!

       Warby Parker gives back to the   community. Every pair of glasses sold they give 1 pair away through their Do Good Program. They offer a Home try-on program. They were featured on,, fast

You can read more about this on their website at
Twitter: Warby Parker
Instagram: @Warbyparker
Don’t forget to like them on Facebook!

I would like to send a Shout Out to Warby Parker for this opportunity! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your day and God Bless❤ 💋


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