The Naked & The Nude : Make-up for Neutral Lovers

Yes Joanna I’m going to be trying all colors soon:)






I’m what they call a ‘basic bitch’ in terms of make-up, I love my neutral tones and that super bright new Urban Decay palette everyone is raving about would terrify me. I know I’m not alone so I thought I’d just combine some of my favourite nudey products into one blog post, mainly just so I can admire them all together.

The Lipsticks
Ok, so I can hardly say I’m shy on the lipstick front – I do love a bright and bold red but recently I’ve also gone crazy for the nudes. Listed left to right in the photo are; Kate Moss Rimmel 03, Revlon 013, L’oreal Doutzen’s nude, L’oreal Cheryl’s nude, a MAC Shy Girl and finally, MAC creme cup. They’re a good mix of brown, peach and pink nudes which I like to use according to my tone of neutral eye make-up. I did have swatches for…

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