Chauncey Black: Less Video Games, More Music Education

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By: Raquel M.
February 24, 2014

academy-of-gifted-family-academy-of-gifted-blackstreet-jpg Academy of The Gifted: CEO, William Blount (Left), students and staff, Chauncey Black of group BLACKstreet (in sunglasses)

Any parent can attest to how difficult it can be to pull kids away from watching TV and playing video games.  This time around, we caught Chauncey Black of the legendary R&B group BLACKstreet supporting another great cause; music education for kids!

During a recent visit to Gastonia, North Carolina C-Black meets with old friends to support Academy of the Gifted, a new summer camp designed to hone music skills and boost self-esteem in today’s youth.

Last summer was the first year for Academy of the Gifted, about twenty five 5- to 18-year-olds participated in the summer camp. During music time, they studied voice, piano, guitar, bass/lead and drums.

“We want to be able to create the outlet and the avenue, the opportunity for the…

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My Interview with Jason Lyric

I am a Music Lover of all kinds of music. I met Jason the Rap/ Hip Hop artist, who is from Louisiana some time ago, and am excited to have gotten the chance to interview him and he sent me some links of his latest work.

The Making of #FitForAKing 2.0 @JASONLYRIC & @DJYABOYEARL

Nhcouture: Hey Jay! How are you?

Mr. JasonLyric: Hey Nikki! I’m Good.

Nhcouture: What age did you begin writing and rapping?

Mr. JasonLyric: 13, I didn’t take it serious until I was 19

Nhcouture: Tell me about your Mixed Cd’s and Artists you have worked with.

Mr. JasonLyric: I have done 6 or 7 mixed cd’s. In 2005 Unsigned Hype, 05/06 God’s Plan, 07/08 Only For The Real, I have a single out on ITunes called The Big Break with C-Murder, 2012 The Whole Truth, 2013 Fit For A King, 2014 Fit For A King 2.0.

Mr. JasonLyric: Artists I worked with are C-Murder, Young Scrap ( LA Interscope), Mr. Marcelo ( Jetlife), Ceto, DAUboys ( New Orleans), Lucci Lou and Magnolia Chop ( Young Money Artists), ImyaboyBigD (ATL), Master P, Too Short

Jason Lyric & Dee Low performing their new single #ImBlessed Live!

Nhcouture: Wow you stay busy! I took the time to listen to some of your many videos and songs. And I am sharing a couple of them here.

Mr. JasonLyric: Yes I have some projects that I am working on. Thank You, glad you enjoyed!

Nhcouture: Who are some of your favorite artists and, what are things you like about them?

Mr. JasonLyric: Tupac~ he had everything, he was charismatic, smart, and intelligent. Everything was believable when he rapped, he made you feel his pain and struggles.
Drake~ He let’s you see how vulnerable he is. He is not afraid to share his sensitive side and I listen to a lot of his music.

Nhcouture: What are some things you do to chill and relax?

Mr. JasonLyric: Boxing, Spending time with my daughter. I live a real simple life.

Nhcouture: Thank You so much for taking out some time to do this interview with me. I appreciate your time!

Mr. JasonLyric: You’re Welcome and Thanks for having me on.




Instagram: @Jasonlyric
Twitter: @Jasonlyric
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Life Lessons

Life never stops moving forward. Stay focused and never slow down because of regrets. Smile, forgive, forget and move on.

No matter what happens and anything we go through, Life doesn’t wait for any of us to catch up. When you things don’t go your way or anything bad happens, don’t lose your focus over any should have, would have, and or could have. Pray and pick yourself up and let that light a “Fire” under you to get busy and continue moving Forward! Let the situation or whatever happened to be a learned lesson. Prayer always works along with moving on.



Trying out a new hair color “Chestnut Blonde” thinking about going lighter!

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GFC “Meet and Greet”

In May 2013, Mr. Rocc Star started a group on FaceBook called Grown Folks Corner ( GFC). I was added to his group at the time it was started by a friend, and it has been a wild, crazy ride with all of the active members! It is never a dull moment in there. Rocc always start our day with a controversial topic, and all the active members go in on him and whoever else dare to say anything that may make them want to put their foot in their mouth, lol. Now there are times where we can agree with him. This weekend one of our favorites Smitty brought us together by collaborating with Kamau, Quinn and Rocc for our first Meet and Greet at club Cashmere in Hollywood, California. I also took some time to interview Mr. Rocc Star. Here is what he had to say.

Nhcouture: Hey! Nice to finally get to meet you! ( Hug)

Mr. Rocc Star: Hey ( Hug)

Nhcouture: What made you want to start GFC?

Mr. Rocc Star: I was in a group called the coaches corner. Which was for coaches that coached youth football, we would talk about football and talk a lot of crap to each other in the group. When we met in person it was nothing but respect, but then coaches started posting sexy women pictures in the group and or if they went to a stripper party or something ….so i said to myself let me create a group for the guys and add some women in the group because there are no women in the coaches corner and thats where i came up with the Grown Folks Corner.

Nhcouture: When did you start The GFC?

Mr. Rocc Star: I started the GFC in May of 2013 …

Nhcouture: What do you find unique about each of your regular active members?

Mr. Rocc Star: The unique thing I noticed with our regular active members is there personality and how some are more mature than other’s …some take thing’s personal , some dont , some believe everything i say and some know I’m full of shit…but i almost know how to push each there button’s but overall they good people.

Nhcouture: Tell me about the cartoons? I mean what inspired you to start making them?

Mr. Rocc Star: My goal is to make the GFC one of the best groups on facebook and I also wanna make a reality show out of it…but one day i was just thinking …there no cartoon reality series , which would be different from all reality shows is to make a cartoon reality show based of a facebook group.

Nhcouture: In my opinion you spark controversy in group with some of our everyday discussion matters…so is it safe to say you hope that no one takes the phuckery serious?

Mr. Rocc Star: I hope no one takes nothing personal I say , I cant control with other people do or say that last thing I want is someone getting physically hurt or someone losing a relationship, and or getting a divorce over some stuff in a facebook group.

Nhcouture: How did you think your first Meet and Greet was going to turn out being with all the drama in the group?

Mr. Rocc Star: I was a little worried about the audi’s trying to get melo but i knew nothing was going to really jump off …it really turned out great.

Nhcouture: Explain how you felt seeing your members getting together and actually having a GREAT TIME!! How did that make you feel?

Mr. Rocc Star: It felt good because with all the disrespecting of women and men…we really go hard on the women but to see no one in there feelings and we can come together as one family made me feel good…

Nhcouture: Do you plan on doing future activities like bowling picnics etc?

Mr. Rocc Star: Yes I want the group to grow some more and get more active members …that will definitely happen.
That’s why I actually tag people to keep them active. Most definitely but I would like to do something like that but I think like an GFC event can jump off like every 3 to 4 months.

Nhcouture: I love your controversal topics, they keep us all going through out the day. Name some of your Best Topics….

Mr. Rocc Star: I would say my best post come from stuff like sidechicks, bitches and hoes posts, or how I praise white women and talk down about black women…

Disclaimer: *Mr. Rocc Star is a gentleman and the things we discuss in group is NOT TO BE TAKEN PERSONAL* making this clear for my readers!20140225-212120.jpg
Mr. Rocc Star and Nhcouture!







THE GFC EXPERIENCE!! Special Thanks for you all stopping by and to Mr. Rocc Star for this interview!

*Special Note To GFC Members*
I will always do my best to entertain and keep you laughing and try not to take anything personal and this group is open to everyone who wants to join ,so continue to enjoy the daily drama,entertainment, and phuckery………1 luv to you all Rock Starr

Contact info:
Twitter & Instagram: @gfcorner
For Cartoons: YouTube us at the grown folks corner

Sharing my Feminine Side…..

Love being a girly girl! I’m allergic to dirt, love pretty things, perfume, high heels, sparkles, romance, flowers, and being a feminine woman! XoXoXo

I love spending time with my daughters, shopping, blogging, going out to eat. I spend a lot of time with them showing them how to carry themselves as respectable young ladies. As a mom our job is never done, there is always an opportunity to teach and show our children new things. My 3 daughters know I enjoy doing fun stuff with them! ❤️ B, Princess Allyssa, Buttercups Love You 3 Babes❤️







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TRY A LITTLE ENCOURAGEMENT and be patient. All of us are doing our best to stand up and reach our full potential. Take every chance to whisper words of encouragement, especially to those who are faltering. Life is not a competition. Its an opportunity to feel the joy of seeing others thrive, and using your words to raise them up.





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