Broken Promises….

Sometimes you find out what you wanted isn’t really what you need, and the dream and all its promises was never meant to be, all your hope and desperation won’t make it like it was, and you believe the pain will never pass, but believe me in time it does


For many of us it’s hard to deal with broken promises, especially when we are promised things by people that we love and suspect that will never hurt us. When they are made and are broken, the simple fact of the matter is the action usually causes someone to get hurt. Seeing our plans and dreams will not play out the way we imagined that they would is a hard pill to swallow. In reality broken promises are a part of everyone’s life, period. Only God himself can avoid making broken promises. No human truly can control life and things that are meant to happen. None of us are perfect. I know I have experienced this many times in my life, and I deal with it in the best way possible and move on and grow from it. My trust is in God. Thanks for Stopping By




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