Accomplishing Dreams…..

Never give up on accomplishing your dream. No matter what happens, have some hope in your life and know that you can do ANYTHING you want to do. Today I received the best news, that my oldest daughter B will be graduating from High school next month! We have been through a lot with her throughout school years. I prayed a lot for her. God is so Good! B still has work ahead of her but, I am happy she is graduating and will be attending college at IVC in the Fall. B works part time as well. Breana, I am so proud of you. I Love you so much. B is one of my Best friends. (But I am Mommy First)….Thanks for sharing in my Proud Mom Moment….Nikki






Mac Cosmetics: Make-Over “Temperature Rising” Collection Fragrance: Body by Burberry Accessory: Bag from Bebe2b


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