Natural Beauty In Mind, Body, Spirit, Self….


When you are balanced and when you listen and attend to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit, your natural beauty comes out…Christy

In 2007 I was under a tremendous amount of stress which was taking a toll on my health. I began to lose weight rapidly and very fatigued and having no energy. I went in for a check up and had bloodwork done. The results came back that my Thyroid levels were abnormal. I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. I was put on medication. Well after almost a year if being on the medication, I still was losing weight and feeling the same way. Yes I was also still going through some stressful things as well. In beginning of 2008 my friend Tasha came by to check on me after talking to me on the phone. Tasha works at Kaisar. She found me in the bed unable to get out. Before she came by she called a favor with one of the specialists at Kaisar getting me an appointment to come in the same day. Dr. Olerich saw me that day and orders me to go to have a Thyroid Scan the next week. After having that done I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease. After my scan the Tech gave me a Good Talk about stress and smiling and laughing. He wished me luck and prayers. So after all of this I had to speak with Dr. Olerich about my options. I choosed to have Thyroid surgery to have my Thyroid removed and it also took away the Graves’ disease. I had surgery June of 2008. After I couldn’t talk for a while and went home with a drain tube in my neck. My recovery time took a while and my kids were a big help to me. I thank God for them!

Fast Forward to now I have a scar which if you look at my photos you can see them. I am very Healthy and very Happy with my decision to have my Thyroid removed. And I want to say to you about Stress, don’t let Things you can’t control consume you. Some things you have to C’est la vie to and go on! Having inner Beauty means taking care of your Health and You all the way around. Thanks for stopping by…

And Special Shout Out to Tasha!!! Much Love to You!








6 thoughts on “Natural Beauty In Mind, Body, Spirit, Self….

  1. Alright Nikki praise God for getting you to this point in your life!! Its miraculous and yes let world know He did foryou He can do it for some one else! Nicely said!

  2. I have lost weight and do not know how. I’ve been having really bad stomach pains since January. I was stressing about certain things but didn’t think he wasthat bad. I need to learn to let go….

    • Stomach pains was one of my symptoms also. I still occasionally get them now. Yes stress will take you through a lot if you continue to let it. Letting Go is the best thing to do. Keep busy with other positive things that make you Happy…Hey Summer is Coming!!!

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