Sometimes God Say Not Yet….Keep at it


” Never give up or lose faith in something that you know God has placed in your life. Be patient and remember there is a time for everything.”
Sometimes we have things that are placed in our lives that are there for us to accomplish or get through. We have to remember that it don’t always happen right when we think it should. It takes Hard Work and Growth to get there in some cases. In that we have to remember that God placed it there for a reason, and it is up to us to keep our Faith and not lose sight. Patience goes a long way. It is frustrating at times but as stated before it’s a Time for Everything to Happen. In God’s Time is Always the Best Time…









Mac Cosmetics: Blush Fleur Power
Bronzer: Gold Deposit
Eye-shadow: Arena
Mascara: Colossal Express Volume by Maybelline
Lipstick: Fresh Brew

Accessories bracelets and earrings by Bebe2b


7 thoughts on “Sometimes God Say Not Yet….Keep at it

    • Thank You Tiffany! I know I am at this point in my life. So I’m being patient and doing my part. And Yes light is better! Props goes to Simona Marie! She helped me out with some stuff:) and Thank You also πŸ™‚

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