Make Good Memories….

“People come into your life, and some of those people leave. People change. If they were real while they were in your life remember them that way. Life has a funny way of affecting people. Things happen. Make good memories and always keep moving forward. You’re your own director in your own movie. Grant some people main rolls. Let some people play extras. But regardless of who you chose for the credits…Make sure you produce a movie that you’re proud of.”  Zach Taylor quotes 


In my life I have met some cool people and I’ve also met ones that wasn’t right in my eyes also. What I do know is that it’s up to me to make the good memories count. Especially the ones that makes me smile. Have a Good day!




Mac Cosmetics: Blush~Pink Swoon
Lipstick~Half and Half

Mascara~False Lashes
Featured shoes:
I featured these before and they are one of my favs! Love the colors also!


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