Go After What You Want…I Am!!!

“Nothing is impossible. The word it’s self says ‘Im Possible’. Go after what you want today. This journey is about more rewards and less regrets.”

On my way to class this morning thinking about my goals that I have set for myself. They are slowly but surely falling into place for me. Set goals for yourself and go for what you want. I’m so much happier with every accomplishment I make! The rewards are a plus for my kiddos! I want them to see mommy succeed. They are my biggest fans and motivators. Love them!








Mac Cosmetics: Lip glass Viva Glam Nicki
Blush: Peaches
Eye shadow: Day Dreaming
Mascara: Extreme False Lashes
Sweater: off the shoulders at Styles4Less


2 thoughts on “Go After What You Want…I Am!!!

    • Thank You Cam! We are on the same page! Our kids looks up to us, and it’s an amazing journey being a mom and taking care of our own needs dreams and goals! God Bless you Beautiful!

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