My Beauty must haves

I have several products that I simply love! Some of them I use everyday and some I use every so often. My night time and early morning routine end and began with me washing my face with Dove soap and then applying Oil of Olay moisturizer. I been doing this since I was in early teens. A beauty trick I sometimes use when I don’t want to wear mascara is I use a little Vaseline (just a very small amount) and take my two fingers and rub on my eyelashes. Then take a mascara brush with nothing on it and comb them out and viola! They get a little moisture on them and I can take a little break for the day. Some other products I Love are Carols Daughter body butter and the oils, Eucerin lotion ( my kids and I have eczema) also Lubriderm and Aveeno works well for that! I have a lot more to talk about and share with you all. Which I will continue in another post. Have a Great Saturday!



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